Updating built in gps systems

24 Aug

There are a host of reasons why and they help explain but hardly excuse the bloated pricing of embedded navigation.

Some auto analysts say 00 is the most you can justify for first-class onboard navigation and sooner or later that may be the most, not least you’ll pay for the superiority of built-in navigation.

The next step is up to the automakers: getting real on pricing.

We are constantly expanding navigation coverage in order to meet your driving needs.

If you would like to update the navigation system in your Honda you can order update discs via the form below.

Please note that the available navigation update discs are suitable for select models only.

Then the car can offer always-up-to-date map data, information on restaurants and hotels, and the possible recurring revenue stream from helping make reservations.

On a BMW 3 Series it’s 00, on a BMW 5 Series in a package with Bluetooth, USB, and mayday calling Series it’s ,150 but currently free on the all-wheel-drive 5 Series.There’s increasing sentiment within the industry that you are indeed getting ripped off today buying navigation systems. Thilo Koslowski, a VP of the Gartner Industry Advisory Service Manufacturing group, says “[Onboard navigation] could be under 00 and still be a healthy value proposition” for both automakers and buyers.Signs that the end is near for overpriced onboard navigation include the proliferation of navigation-and-other-stuff packages that mask a lowered price for the navigation part yet makes it harder for buyers to compare acrosse brands; short-term get-navigation-free-if-you-buy-or-lease-this-month offers; and innovative packages such as Ford’s SD card Sync navigation priced at 5.(The Malibu does offer rudimentary arrows-only, no-moving-map, navigation as part of the a month On Star telematics service.) On many cars ,000 and up, navigation is more likely to be included.Portable navigation devices may not be the real competition.