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21 Oct

He always explains what he's going to do and when he will do it.Then (unlike other marketing strategists) he actually does it. In fact, Converge increased my site's visibility tenfold. They come with a sizable tail luggage that serves well for passengers as a backrest for your pillion rider. We have the best in our friend Kazim Uzunoglu and his team. And with advance notice and room permitting we are pleased to have non-riding participants join us.In Turkey in order to be a tour guide one must be highly educated in the layers of Turkish history that stretch across the millennium. At Moto Discovery we think dining should be more than just consuming calories.should be a celebration.The cuisine of Turkey is some of the finest you will find anywhere in the world. Tables fill with mezes - small dishes of fresh preparations of cheeses, yogurt, olives, seafood, eggplant, beans and salads, fusions of Mediterranean and Asian flavors complemented by fresh breads.Then the main courses of fish, lamb, beef or chicken arrive!" Converge Digital Internet Marketing has been the best experience for me and my business pages so far.It has boosted the traffic to my pages tremendously and has played a role in the expansion of business! Converge helps us to translate likes, shares and comments on our social media sites to actual new business and provides real value when it comes to data that I can show my CEO - which makes my job so much easier.

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We will stay at everything from converted centuries old caravanserai along the Silk Road to modern and contemporary hotels and resorts. You will have to secure your own flight arrangements. Even more painful is when we are forced to cancel the date because we are a few riders short only to have people try to get on last minute. Please fill our Custom Tour Form and we will get to work on your personalized adventure.

We prefer to keep it quaint and authentic when we can. There are daily nonstop flights from the USA to Istanbul on all major carriers.

You can’t keep us away and our riding friends come back year after year for good reason. This tour is scheduled to be on paved roads throughout although there could be some opportunities to do some exploring off road. Our late model fleet is expertly maintained by the dealership in Istanbul. And if we are reminded one more time of the 1970’s film, Midnight Express we are going to choke!

The selection of BMW 700/8 GS models satisfy all demands. Turkey is so profoundly rich in history, culture, and tradition that one simply can not go there without the benefit of knowledgeable tour staff. He is one of us and you will find that when it comes to Turkey, no one rivals Moto Discovery...period. We carry your luggage and accommodate roadside emergencies.