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26 Jan

The term "sextortion" was a term coined by the National Police Chiefs' Council, which has been investigating the growing crime.The NPCC said gangs were making millions from the scam, with thousands of victims too afraid to come forward.The account can also be reactivated at any time so your online memories are not lost forever.Also, keep an eye on all the accounts which you might have linked in case the criminals try to contact you via one of those.list=PLC5PJt WBig V07a OL82nj Jva No X3Lrudd V The Erotica Slam was born over 20 years ago at Slam MN!list=PLC5PJt WBig V07a OL82nj Jva No X3Lrudd V Windowvine has become a Kieran’s favorite!Four men killed themselves in a year after being exposed by the so-called "sextortion" rackets, officers said.

The police will take your case seriously, will deal with it in confidence and will not judge you for being in this situation.

Come out and see for yourself why these guys keep the crowd begging for more!

POLICE warned last year Brits are being targeted by organised gangs tricking people into stripping off or performing sex acts online and using the footage as blackmail.

Don't communicate further with the criminals: Take screen shots of all your communication.

Suspend your Facebook account (but don’t delete it) and use the online reporting process to report the matter to Skype, You Tube etc.