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06 Apr

The app will let you voice chat with Switch friends and invite others to play via Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp.

It will also offer game-specific information, for example your online match history. We could download the app, but sign-in currently fails - Nintendo still seems to be setting up its servers.

Music: give other support options to your customers, see the Zendesk Support SDK.

The Support SDK includes Help Center, ticketing, and app ratings and feedback.

These SDKs allow you to bring support features to your end-users in your apps.

Voice chat on Switch requires you connect your headset to your phone via a slightly cumbersome wired setup. Nintendo's online service is currently free to use, but will become paid-for starting in 2018.

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You control your username and how you present yourself in each Room.

This seems to be in direct opposition to Facebook’s typical push to get all your info, and identify you.