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And then at some point, to me, if there was any formula at all, it was get out of the distorted rhythm guitar. But I always found that, for me, personally, when I say, “Okay, I’m going to sit down and write something political,” then that’s when it’s …

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My favorite song off of the album is “Finer Feelings.”That’s cool. “Sometimes I think that I’ll find a love, one that’s gonna change my heart …” Well, “I’ll find it in Commercial Appeal” is maybe a little specific, but is the name of the newspaper in Memphis. I just thought that was such a bizarro name for a newspaper, right? That sounds like a Penny Saver type thing.Yeah, it’s a regular newspaper. I mean, sometimes it’s written as “G5.” Oh my god, that makes it sound extremely …Or I guess, “Ga.” I guess maybe people would call it “Ga.” But I don’t know, I don’t usually shorten it. It was something from a sound-effect library, and we found it online. And it did come out on Inauguration Day, and I did try to write for it.

It’s ] within this mid-’00s period where there was a growing influence of funk and rhythm in rock. I mean, I love “Pop Life.” And I love that part in both songs.You mean, where [the song] goes away? It feels like the song floats away for a second, then comes back down to earth. It was a combination of them, there are maybe three going at the same time. it’s in the liner notes, I remember, because we had to credit them in order to use it for free.

But their sixth album felt particularly ready to conquer the world. The album’s official anniversary was this past July, but Merge Records just announced a remastered vinyl to be released on October 20, 2017. But it’s an interesting period of “indie rock” to think back on. Once the election happened last year, Janet Weiss, my friend from Sleater-Kinney and a number of other bands, got in touch with me. But I still couldn’t come up with a good way to approach it.

Their previous full-length, 2005’s similarly big-time took the twitchy minimalism they had gotten down to a science and injected it with a swingy, Motown-inflected soul, primarily in service of bittersweet songs about breaking up and feeling lonely and tearing your hair out over George W. In honor of the anniversary, and because talking about anything that happened in 2007 is always a nice break from reality, I sat down with Britt Daniel for a extremely freewheeling chat about commercial appeal, the trickiness of writing political pop songs, and how one casually goes about pronouncing I also started things off with a hot take that admittedly might not have that much of an audience in 2017. Well, like so many Spoon songs, I don’t really know what it’s about, but I know what it’s about for me.Well, the chorus is kind of self-explanatory, isn’t it? Well, I did not internalize that song as being about a newspaper in Memphis.Yeah, and that’s the cool thing about it. For many of the people that I work with that is the goal: commercial appeal. I was reading a recent piece where someone was comparing — sorry, how do say for short? Like, if you just want to refer to it casually.Uh … What is the recording, or the concert sound in that song? She was making a compilation of anti-Trump songs that would come out on Inauguration Day, and she wanted me to be on it. It’s a very different part of your writing brain to access, I would imagine.[The AV Club’s] Sean O’Neal even gave me a title: “Agent Orange.” Which at the time, I hadn’t heard anybody use that term.