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19 Sep

Since the 70's, the word has been recycled and used for other purposes in the finest tradition of the linguistic corruption that haunts the English language, and probably others too. ) and is an acronym for Not Available For F*cking, ie something unpleasant to be avoided.I believe Princess Anne brought it into common usage in the early seventies by telling some photographers to 'naff off' (or 'naff orf'.) Naff is polari (or palare), the gay urban secret language developed in London to ensure conversational privacy in public when talking about gay sex or insulting straight people.Decimals below unity should carry a zero before the decimal point (e.g. The solidus should always be used for complex fractional indices so that they can be printed on one line (e.g. A distinction should be made between a symbol for a physical quantity and a symbol for a unit. electromotive force, E), whereas the latter is set in ordinary type (e.g. Dating: Avoid vague phrases that may date your book (e.g. Updated Jan 26/2018; To look for a non-book abbreviation or glossary entry, go to the Search form and follow and where required to convey a particular sense (e.g. Abbreviations: House style is to include full points after abbreviations but not after contractions (in which the shortened form ends with the final letter of the word). (for Equation, Figure, Professor) but Dr, Mr, Ltd (for Doctor, Mister, Limited). 5000, 3725 etc.) unless they are in tables and have to range with other longer rather than resign, three-day-old chicks rather than three day-old chicks). Numbers of five digits or more should be divided by a space between three-digit groups on either side of the decimal point (e.g. Decimals should generally be used in preference to fractions. Where fractions are essential use a solidus in running text (e.g. Where fractions are displayed a two-line fraction can be used. Avoid quoting specific prices of goods and services – if you must include them indicate the year to which you refer.Hyphens: Follow The Collins English Dictionary for hyphenation.

'Naff' originated in the gay slang 'Polari' (as made popular by 'Julian and Sandy' in the 60's BBC radio programme 'Round the Horne').It originally meant 'not available for fucking', ie 'straight' - and therefore boring.I heard that it originated in the TV sitcom Porridge as a non-expletive representation of prison language which permitted the series to be shown at peak viewing times.Naff is an example of the latter - Normal As Fuck - and means drab, unfashionable, dull.By extension, it is a defining characteristic of straight people, who lack the style and swagger of the urban homosexual.