Couchsurfing not dating site

14 Jan

Do you expect them to tell you that they just want to fuck?Maybe they will do that while sober if you're super-alpha, but a mere mortal will have to be on the lookout for hints and signals, and then make a move.But it's not a dating site, so how do you turn what's essentially a site for cultural exchange into a real sex pipeline? In some cities there are regular BBQs and happy hours and so on.If there are no meetings in the city you're in (let's call it "City X"), then create an event, and post an announcement on the group corresponding to City X inviting people to show up.

- I fire off a response suggesting a daytime coffee date, just to feel her out and not waste a whole night doing "cultural exchange" when I can be out at a bar gaming girls.

The only girls of value in CS are obviously around 18-25. Filipino cupid, Colombian cupid, etc), Badoo, local sites, etc tend to pay off way more for me and are a lot more straight forward.

Though i get a good amount of responses back, it is not as much as 5 or 6 years ago. You know what they want and they know what you want.

The strategy I came up with is based on Roosh's method, with some tweaks here and there.

- I would do a search for locals and filter it by either "users who recently logged in" or "newest profiles." Those who were recently on the site tend to be active users and the newest users will be the most responsive.