Belleek dating piece

20 Mar

They are most proud of their Twisted Convolvulus Basket, hand made on a mould with twisted spaghetti-like strands of clay.

As secretary and treasurer of the Sunshine Chapter of Florida, Bob hosts collectors’ meetings in his home, serving dinner on Belleek plates.

Annie Williams Armstrong, wife of the first pottery manager, and Gertrude Johnstone were noted female designers.

Hungarian designer, Madame Boroniuxz, introduced Celtic motifs inspired by the Book of Kells while Irish lace patterns were replicated on Belleek plates and trays.

Parian figurines such as a bust of Charles Dickens modelled by William Wood Gallimore resembled the marble statues which the Victorians loved, but were less expensive.

Gallimore and William Henshall, who introduced basket making and flower modelling at Belleek were just two of the artists who came from Goss in Staffordshire to help train local workers and establish Belleek’s reputation on the international scene.

A small lidded acorn pot, the very first piece of Belleek to be acquired by the Ulster Museum collection, was donated in 1891 by Canon John Grainger from County Antrim, a phenomenal antiquarian who gave over 20,000 objects including pottery and archaeological specimens to the Museum Arts Centre in Royal Avenue, Belfast, prompting plans for a move to larger premises which eventually took place when the Ulster Museum was opened in Botanic Avenue in 1972.

Marion, Lady Langham was on hand to share her vast knowledge and to sign copies of her three publications which are important reference books for collectors.They are so knowledgeable about the history of the Belleek range that they have picked up many bargains.For them the spell of Belleek lies in the constant references to nature – lilies, lotus flowers and lizards; thistles, thorns and tulips; butterflies and beetles.The Collectors At the launch of the touring exhibition some 350 collectors converged on the Castle Museum in Enniskillen, welcomed by the president of the International Collectors Society Angela Moore, a native of Newry, Co Down, whose husband George Moore has owned Belleek Pottery Ltd since 1990.Among the visitors were Vicki and Bob Pearce from Maitland, Florida who, inspired by a piece which Bob’s mother acquired as a wedding present, have been collecting Belleek for 25 years.