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07 Jan

β€” mess (@miaaaross) April 28, 2017 Some Twitter users couldn't believe Maria didn't let her ex suffer more.One user suggested she put the pennies in a plastic bag, so when the bag broke "he had to find every last penny to get his $ back!You know the drill by now- everyone is gay and mentally ill.

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Those who walk in the shadowed places forgotten by the sun.

β€œHe’s not,” Frank Iero said from the receptionist table.// A bandom, multi-ship AU loosely based off of the TV show The Office.

Gerard hosts a sleepover one night expecting everyone to immediately get along until an incident between Pete and Mikey happens during spin the bottle.

Joe Trohman is a werewolf and the most powerful pack leader in the world.

Pete Wentz is an incredibly powerful fae with the power of charmspeak. But after a hugely successful sophomore album and their defeat of a prince of hell (better known for his rock band: The Killers) Fall Out Boy is attracting a lot of attention, human and magical, and someone very powerful has their eyes on the band.