Pooja bedi dating sky

23 Mar

But instead of spending quality time with each other, the duo got busy signing autographs, posing for pictures with fans and enjoying the attention.We did stick around to see if they indulged in any public display of affection, but we soon gave up as their outing turned into a meet and greet affair.The latest we hear is that she’s ruffled quite a few feathers at veteran villain Ranjeet’s holi bash, where she was seen canoodling with her beau Sky (aka Akashdeep Saigal) at a swimming pool.This confirms rumours that the two are indeed seeing each other and making no bones about it.Pooja Bedi and Sunny Leone chat in the garden and Pooja asks Sunny to take care of Sky once she is out of the house.Back in the kitchen, Sky tells Siddharth sarcastically that after the show ends, he wants to fly down to Delhi and meet Sid.

Siddharth Bhadwaj complains that he doesn’t want to follow orders of the new captain, Pooja Misrra.Sid replies that he is not scared of Sky and he can come whenever he wants with whomever he wants.The two end up arguing and Sky calls Sid a copy cat.She was seen as the wiser one from the lot that was hosted by Bigg Boss, until Sky came onto the show.Tired of his antics, more than half the house was up in arms against the man, except the Kama Sutra campaign girl (Bedi had done a campaign for Kama Sutra condoms in the late ‘80s and had stirred quite a hornet’s nest).