Chae yeon lee seung gi dating

20 Oct

So the other guys suggest Seunggi transform (just slightly!

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I almost don’t want there to be a Cha Seung-won/Oh Yeon-seo/Lee Seung-gi love triangle anymore. On October 18, a source from Bora’s agency Hook Entertainment revealed, “Bora has received an offer for the drama ‘Hwayugi.’ She’s received the offer but nothing has been decided yet. I'm happy he got an acting gig since he said he wants to try acting, and he has only appeared on TV once after his debut.(Oh Yeon seo) is a big-time real estate CEO who resells haunted houses, deserted houses, houses of mourning, basically any house with bad chi for a profit.She is wealthy, beautiful and has an unyielding tenacity that makes her so good at her job., this drama tells the tale of a great odyssey, undertaken by a virtuous monk and his four companions to seek out scriptures in the West.MC Yoo asked Seunggi if there were any female celebs that had Seunggi’s number. He acknowledges his upstanding image as probably the reason but emphatically states that he too likes to drink with friends and doesn’t get why everyone is shocked to know that he does drink! He says he tends to forget what’s happened when he’s drunk and that he didn’t even remember singing the same 2 songs 20 times when they got together (guys only! He only found out when he woke up to a sore throat and friends filling him in about the night before!Now I can see why Seunggi chooses mainly to chill with his close school guy friends! #1 misconception women have~ that he’s a difficult guy to approach. The others say it’s because of his upstanding image.