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04 Dec

I am 69 years old and have a medical condition that I have to have a cell phone with me 24 hours a day.

I paid my monthly service on time and when the teller typed my receipt into the computer he typed the wrong number when I got home I noticed the error and called and reported it and I was told it would be corrected within 24 hours..

Most go through different carriers just to upgrade the phones and they aren’t losing anything, because they can take their number with them! You’re truly not gaining more customers, it;s temporary until the next big deal comes!

Offer those deals to new and existing customers and offer two year upgrades on phones and I guarantee your customer following would increase ten fold!

Also, my Samsung J7 went out on me and it barely missed it by 2 months of the phone WARRANTY and nobody couldn’t help me with this problem either. It is like nobody cares about the customers and nobody doesn’t want to make anybody happy just Disappointed Reply Metro PCS suffers because it does not offer options for existing customers.Manager comes out from the back room ask for my husband to leave his phone there so they could try to get it on. to an hour get an phone call saying theres nothing you can do about it but use your insurance for the same phone.When me and my husband get ro the store they said i can use the insurance for the same phone supposly people been complaining about problems with that phone response if yall knew about it why didnt u inform the now I am ATTEMPTING to get my OLD Metro PCS phone unlocked because according to everyone I’ve talked to the 0.00 new phone can’t be unlocked unless I have service with Metro for 90 days on that phone …. and now, no one seems to be able to unlock my old Metro phone; we’ve used the handy “unlock device” button on the phone; we’ve used a non Metro SIMS card; we’ve rebooted the phone …but it still can’t be unlocked ….when we try to call a cooperate office, it gives us right back to customer service; everyone we talk says, “I’m sorry”, yes, you are…not be sucked in by their great ‘deals’; there are cheaper plans through different companies out there with the same services; Metros rates aren’t that great, you can get the same or better rates with other carriers ….