Ault chat balls

15 Nov

From now on, to age verify, you must open a ticket and send a photo copy of your legal identification.This effect is cascading and will, eventually, affect all residents EDIT: Damn this is getting confusing: Grid Status: Age Verification Error[Posted pm PDT, 09 July 2012] We are aware that there are some issues with trying to access restricted areas of the grid. :smileysad: Oh, and Rolig just posted additional info in the other thread.When you register for Second Life, you provide your birth date, because you are required to be at least 16 years old.If you are 13-15 years old, you may be allowed if you are restricted to the estate of a sponsoring organization.Then another player drove up the wall and fired the ball into our net. Quick front and back flips can build up speed if you don’t want to waste your boost. Just noticed the Age Verification KB article was revised today the 9th July.Nothing about age verification on the Dashboard now, it's the age when you set up your account.

But still, coming into this season she was a little bit nervous about fitting in since most of the varsity team had played with each other for a couple years beforehand, and Ault was coming up from JV.“It was actually really fast (fitting in) because all of them included me in literally everything, when you play with each other so much during practice, you learn to bond a lot and then we do team bonding dinners and stuff too,” Ault said.

For more information, see Teens in Second Life.To access adult content, you must be at least 18 years old.

To visit Adult-designated regions in Second Life or view Adult-rated search results, you must: For information on what constitues adult content, see Maturity ratings. Excerpt from my Forum thread from someone affected by this.: I just got off of a live chat with concierge support.

(this is pure rhetoric, I cannot even remember when I turned 18, it was so long ago!

) Does this mean everyone over 18 when creating account is now automatically adult verified even if they hadn't age verified before now?