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24 May

Send Anonymous Similiar to Anon Email, this service only requires you to give basic information including receiver’s email, sender’s email (optional), subject and the message for sending anonymous email.

Before sending any email, you are required to give security code.

If you find a lower price advertised on the internet for a similarly configured Dell, HP, Lenovo or Apple computer, or any identical electronics product, we will match that price.

Despite there are plenty of free and feature-rich email services such as Gmail, Yahoo!

To do that, web service providers would need to get as much as private information from you so that they can show you ads based on your interests, or in other words, ads that you are most likely click through.Before you use any of the email services below, you may use proxies like Tor or other VPN services to hide your IP address and ensure anonymity on the web.Encrypted Web Mail Services Tor Guard G/PGP Encrypted Webmail Tor Guard anonymous email service allows you to communicate with other Open PGP-compatible email users around the world.You can also give out your real email address for receiving replies.W3-Anonymous Remailer This is another easy-to-use anonymous email provider that requires you to give recipient’s email address, subject and message for sending secret email.