Kate hudson dating ugly guys

30 Oct

In comes Andie Anderson who, in turn, is writing a story on how to lose a guy in 10 days as a bet with her boss to be allowed to write more substantial stories.

With a hidden agenda in each camp, will either party be able to complete their mission? One evening she caught me in a mellow mood and I watched it with her. To say it is generally predictable is to state the obvious.

We just thought it would be fun to re-post this plea on the opening day of her new movie "Bride Wars," for which she again committed the very crime we discuss below. I own was kind of genius, and I'm pretty sure I was conned into buying Mukluks because of a photo of you wearing them with a grey hoodie. I think it's about time you start standing up for yourself. If the bigwigs (pun probably intended) tell you to to go brunette, just dye your hair brown.

Dear Kate Hudson, Now that you won't be spending all your time playing tennis with Lance Armstrong, I thought you might have time to consider something that's been bothering me for quite a while. If that doesn't make me a fan, then I don't really know what else there is to say. And if, for some reason, you don't want to dye your hair brown, then don't dye it brown. (From one blonde to another, it's totally easy -- just act less fun!

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‘I bet she immediately started scrolling through her calendar, trying to see if she could narrow down the conception date so she could figure out if the baby was Brad's or Danny's.

A rom-com rule is a rom-com rule: If a guy makes a huge gesture to win back the girl, you must forgive him, even if he's a jerk. I guess one way to fix a divorce is to have the couple explain their divorce to an audience for a long period of time. Another alternate title: "Booty Call," Matthew's boat's name. I'm distracted from the movie because I'm trying to think of other alternate titles. Cannot think of any other alternate titles and more bad news: The bunny never makes a second appearance. But there's one way to know a man loves a woman: He buys her ice cream.

(Reminder: You can also forgive him if "Fix You" is the soundtrack to his apology.) p.m.

I couldn't believe my luck when I was asked to binge all of Kate Hudson's romantic comedies and write about what I learned in the process.

My mind flooded with memories of myself as a teen idolizing Kate (We can be on first name basis, right? I'm secretly thrilled that I have an excuse not to go out. The poster features two couples nuzzling in Central Park, suggesting it will be a straightforward rom-com. I'm beginning to think that all lawyers are unhappy. Ginnifer attempts to make Colin (who is engaged to Kate) jealous by sexy-dancing in a club (drama!