Macports updating database of binaries

22 Nov

clean_exit 1 '[' -f perlbrew-14023 ']' rm perlbrew-14023 exit 1 ~$ Perlbrew installs cleanly for me (also on Mac OS X 10.9.1).

There is an issue report (here) that it is worth you reading through.

A Mac Ports port is a set of specifications contained in a Portfile that defines an application, its characteristics, and any files or special instructions required to install it.

Why does Mac Ports report success when some files are clearly missing and how can I do a bit more diagnostics about what is going on?

Thank you, Mojca _______________________________________________ macports-users mailing list [hidden email] I'm experiencing a weird problem in Mac Ports.

This chapter shows you how to install Mac Ports and its prerequisites step-by-step.

Note that the section about installing Xcode is mac OS-specific.