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01 Jun

Meanwhile, Brian tries to score on a date with a new friend, Denise, but ends up striking out.

Instead of calling it quits on love, he enlists Quagmire's help, but things get nasty when they start to compete for the affections of each other's old flames, Cheryl Tiegs and Jillian.

He thinks that by snapping his fingers he can render them invisible.

Chris and Meg think their parents have it easy, and Peter and Lois beg to differ, so in order to teach them a lesson, they all trade roles.

More Info Based on the successful Youtube channel, this series features outrageous episodes of user-generated funny mishaps that are caught on tape.

When the local dry cleaner loses Peter's favourite white shirt, he goes ballistic.Chris goes to work at the brewery while Meg runs the house.While things start off well, it's not long until the stress of running a household and being the sole breadwinner break down Chris and Meg.When Mickey finds out Ben takes medication to keep him focused, she is determined to prove that he is a perfectly functioning kid without it.She and Alba take over his struggling science fair project, but become overly invested.