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04 Feb

On December 5, 2000, Guinness World Records awarded Ashe the title “Most downloaded woman on the Internet” when they confirmed her image had been downloaded over a billion times.Ashe was the first person in history to officially reach this milestone.The download record had previously been claimed by bikini model Cindy Margolis who claimed seven million total downloads at the time of Ashe’s challenge.

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our porn videos featuring sexy Japanese girls doing some of the nastiest things you can't imagine!This resulted in an incident in a technically non-nude club in Jacksonville, Florida.In interviews, Ashe has alleged that the club’s owner and its manager persuaded her to perform a topless dance, and encouraged her to sell softcore videos of herself at the club. Ashe pled guilty to “prohibited conduct” and was fined .Ashe jokingly described her server as a “hot box”, and when she started charging a fee for access to the site, she named the members’ area “The Hot Box”.During its first two years online Danni’s Hard Drive was one of the busiest websites in the world, using more bandwidth than the whole of Central America combined.