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12 Apr

I picked up my first metaphysical book at the tender age of 11.

Soon after, I found myself reading and learning about astrology, eastern philosophy, herbalism, tarot and many other holistic and spiritual theories.

Find and practice a method that speaks to you and connects you to something higher. Don't you want to make make an honest, deep, lasting connection with someone? Maybe we start picking at flaws or noticing other people, wondering if we'd be happier with them. Even in a relationship, we reach a point where the person we're with doesn't feel as special as he or she used to.Yogic teachings explore the subtle energetic connections we have with each other. An essential step is bringing what we most deny in ourselves into the open. Your relationship is going to bring all your darkness to the surface.In order to access these deeper dimensions, your physical form must be healthy. Turn yourself on, and watch what happens in your intimate partnership…7. This is usually when the relationship ends, or when the "blame game" starts. Do this work and watch your hearts flower and your minds expand.