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16 May

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This activity will give the students an opportunity to think about what they want from a dating partner, and also what kind of partner they want to be in a relationship.

The bachelor du jour is none other than Rumpelstiltskin and the trio of prospective dates includes Sleeping Beauty, Goldilocks and Snow White.

Your assignment: In a reboot of the series, you’ve been asked to script the first installment as a teaser for the audience.

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We are not here to tell you whether you should be in a relationship or having sex.Your assignment: Using this premise, write a three-page scene in which a guy has been set up with the wrong girl. It might turn out they have more in common than they ever knew and that his friend’s “mistake” was actually intentional.THE NO-SHOW Once upon a time when there were no cell phones for calling or texting someone if you were running late, you just had to hope that they wouldn’t give up on you and go wandering off.As the person doing the waiting, you could always give them a call to see if they were still at home or at work…but only if you had a dime and could find a pay phone.Your assignment: The protagonist of the scene you’re writing can be male or female and is waiting at a diner for her/his date to show up. What ever happened to simply being “in the moment” when you’re on a date with someone?