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17 Jan

As a result, the gain of both stages is practically doubled and V2A & V2B (a preamp tube) are pushed into distortion.The increase in distortion is , and is in no way solid state.

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They may be a part of the "Hot Rod" lineup, but internally the BJ and PJ are totally different amps.

The Blues Deluxe/Deville have quite a few similarities, but they also have some differences. The rectifier, which converts AC to DC, is solid state; the effects loop is solid state; and so is part of the Reverb unit.

If a mod or fix can be applied to one of those amplifiers, I'll mention it somewhere atop the page. Most modern day amplifiers use solid state rectifiers and reverb units.

This means more hiss, buzz, and mechanical noise will be amplified through the speaker.

A relay would have been too noisy since it's mechanical—the relay's pole will bounce when it slams into the contact; resulting in a clearly audible noise.