Woman looking to fuck no signing up required

25 Feb

(Also known as Silicon Valley.) My store, Curvy Girl, is in the middle of high tech heaven and home to companies like EBay, Adobe, Facebook and Twitter. Sexy technology yes, but not really known for sexy time. Facebook.com/Curvy Girl Inc ) About a week ago, one of my favorite customers sent me a private message asking if I was comfortable with her posting a picture of herself in her panties and bra on our Curvy Girl secret group.

And yet there were a few people in my social circle who could – to put it charitably – punch well outside of their apparent weight class.

(And you may notice these pics of another one of my favorite customers who participated in our Curvy Girl Fashion Show.

Another “regular” woman in lingerie, not photoshopped! Share your picture of YOU in sexy clothes or lingerie.

The only requirement is that you be a size 14 or up.

of time worrying about being more attractive to women.