Ideas dating london

22 Dec

Also food is one of the best date subjects, so what better way to make sure you have lots to talk about than at Taste.Hot tip* Make sure you don’t miss the world renown chef demonstration classes running throughout the festivals. You have survived the grey and miserable winter in London town and Spring is also on the outs!Although dating in London is fun all year round, the sun just makes it such a happier place!££ All across London You aren’t a proper Londoner if you haven’t even attempted to swim in one of London’s finest swimming ‘ponds’ or lovingly referred to as a ‘lido’.This date idea may not be an ideal one for a first meeting but it is a great London dating idea for a relaxed couple looking for a laugh.

Tube: South Kensington Grab your picnic basket and a rug, and take to the Primrose Hill.

Why not pit your wits in the Sound Familiar music quiz-come disco?

The quiz itinerary includes a ‘round of cheese’ or ‘feel the power ballad’ section. Britain’s ancient capital has a wise old head on its shoulders.

And, although you can’t see them up close and personal beforehand, there’s a healthy talent pool to dip into. Blind dates are an exception: you’re You may not know your date from Adam or Eve – but here are a few ideas to help with your blind date in London. A trip to a London theatre is a great idea for a blind date, providing of course you go for a drink before and after the show to become acquainted.

British aloofness dictates that we’re ‘forbidden’ from talking to people on tube trains or buses; yet the irony is that it’s perfectly acceptable to unburden your worries to a silent cab driver, a complete stranger who’s driving you home.