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27 Jan

This aversion to Catholic teaching breaks my heart because the modern form of “stripped down” Christianity is missing the depth and spirituality the Catholic Church offers to its faithful in order to enhance and strengthen our relationships with Jesus Christ.

“But in my journey of discovering the Catholic faith, I have found that it is the ultimate love story between God and his people.

I will admit I have had doubts about the “real presence” of Jesus in the Eucharist because of the craziness of the concept, but the evidence is too hard to deny.

And how much more crazy is this than the fact that God is three-in-one or that he became a crying innocent baby?

But like the fisherman-turned-apostle Simon Peter, who was hesitant to obey the call of Jesus after catching nothing all night and yet allowed himself to be led into the depths where Jesus would touch his life like he never thought possible, I too followed the draw of God’s voice, “left everything and followed Him” (Luke 5). One of the first things that allured me was the epic nature of the Church. The universality of Catholic mass: it features the same words and actions that have been spoken by Christians for 2,000 years!

If we were to befriend Marty Mc Fly and travel back to the time of the early church fathers, they would be reciting the same words of consecration at mass that we participate in today.