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13 May

Clear, crisp photos showing a well-rounded life is key.

C.’s League community actually has more male users than female ones. Read more: There’s a reason we can’t stop talking about Harvey Weinstein What do you call someone who’s fiercely independent?

I’ve been on the League for months, and I never knew there was a real person behind “the Concierge” who’s listed among my matches, but there is.

Bradford says there’s a team of about 10 League employees powering these profiles. Bradford says she hasn’t seen any “crazy gender ratios thrown off or one city where no one’s educated on one side and not the other.” But Atlanta is probably “the most unbalanced community,” she says, because there are a lot more educated women than men.

We loved how Ok Cupid conducted a similar study (but with race), so we emulated their methodology in this study. The charts below show the words people use most frequently, grouped by their degrees.

We looked at Coffee Meets Bagel users’ profiles and isolated words and phrases in their profiles that made each degree holder’s profiles statistically distinct from the other’s. (FYI – For those of you who are not familiar with Coffee Meets Bagel, here’s an example of what a member’s profile looks like on Coffee Meets Bagel (this is mine).