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04 May

In the particular episode, the main character, Erica, had to visit a sex club (coincidentally located in Toronto) to do research for a book she was writing about sex.

The theme of the episode was exploring conventions in relationships, which looking back seems like a great conversation to fit with the chosen backdrop of a sex club.

The presenter, 36, was almost unrecognisable in her mythical outfit, which she debuted earlier in the day, adding some darker and more sinister touches for the spooky evening.

Holly Willoughby was amongst the attendees at Jonathan Ross' Halloween party this week, keeping on her unicorn hair and makeup from This Morning earlier in the day, but switching the rest of her outfit for black jeans and a biker jacket.

I’m the antidote to your outfit,' she hinted The rest of the This Morning team also put on their spooky best with Rylan Clark-Neal dressing up as Maleficent, which he referred to as 'male-eficent.'Alison Hammond also sourced inspiration from Disney villains as she took on Ursula.

Dr Zoe Williams looked sensational as she took on the Queen of Hearts, while the show's consumer expert Alice Beer looked ready to save the world as she channelled Wonder Woman.

Holly, who rocked a sparkling silver horn and tumbling rainbow tresses, threw on a quirky patterned leather jacket over her white and silver glittery top, to toughen up the look.

The eclectic jacket was decorated with sparkling silver studs as well as frog and jewel designs, adding to the otherworldly look of the outfit.

" and it was like I cant get this wrong because it's Joan Collins and I said, "Marie Antoinette," and she was like, "Noooo I'm Madame du Barry," Marie Antoinette's auntie, but I apologised and did a curtsey, so I think I'm alright,' she joked.He looked completely unrecognisable as he transformed into Night King from Game of Thrones.Keen on taking on his character completely, Phil didn't utter a word as he returned to the show. ' Meanwhile, Holly couldn't contain her delight as she unveiled her elaborate costume, executing a series of twists and turns so everyone could see the full extent of her ensemble.Instead their was an eerie voiceover, which stated: 'I’m a massive fan of the show. The whole team who put the Night King together for HBO and Game of Thrones, did it for me. She was also quick to showcase her look on Instagram, sharing a slew of selfies - one of which where she was drinking an alcoholic beverage. ' she cheekily captioned the snap, while in another selfie she tagged her hair and make-up team for the look.The chance to do this was something I couldn’t possibly pass up. In another selfie she cosied up to Phil, who showed off truly how scary his face mask was.