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31 Mar

Dentist's office: Have “patients” sit in our dentist chair while you look at X-rays of teeth!

Learn fun facts about teeth while dressing up in a uniform that represents a dentist and or dental hygienist.

Toddler area: Our toddler area is perfectly fit for your little one. The soft building blocks give your toddler a chance to be creative and build beyond their imagination.

The exhibit also has a huge variety of Legos that your child can build together and/ or take apart!

Amelia’s Café: Everyone loves to play house, especially in our kitchen!

Amelia’s café mirrors a real life style kitchen where your children can use their imagination to play “restaurant” where they cook and serve food.

If you're a startup hobbyist, a seasoned collector, an expert breeder or simply looking to find a pet, we invite you to browse our collections and learn more about what’s happening with us.We have expanded our exhibit to have an infant area.Allow children to do check ups on dolls, and care for them by giving them a bath, rocking them in a bassinette or examining them at the doctor’s office.This exhibit also demonstrates food groups, and serves as a hands on resource for nutrition.(We are working on updating our Big Y exhibit so please excuse our appearance during this time.) Berkshire Bank: Americas Most Exciting Bank has come to Amelia Park Children’s Museum.