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28 Feb

To hear Houston tell it, what doomed their relationship, though, was her movie breakthrough that year in the romantic thriller “I tried to play it down all the time. Brown, don’t call me Houston.’”In 2000, Hawaiian airport authorities found nearly half an ounce of marijuana in the actress-singer’s luggage, but she and Brown boarded a plane and flew off before Houston could be arrested and the charges were later dropped.Although she flat out denied to Diane Sawyer that she and Brown abused drugs—“We don’t do crack. Crack is wack,” Houston memorably said in the interview—by the mid-2000s, Houston had endured a roundelay of rehab stays.Whitney Houston’s G wedding dress, other items up for auction Brown's bombshell revelation comes a day after he admitted he feels intense regret over his daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown's death last July.The 22-year-old passed away six months after she was found face down and unconscious in a tub of water at her Georgia home.

Brown's estate filed a million wrongful death lawsuit against Gordon, claiming that he "gave Bobbi Kristina a toxic cocktail rendering her unconscious and then put her face down in a tub of cold water" as "part of a scheme to control Bobbi Kristina and benefit from her wealth."After Gordon failed to appear at two hearings for the wrongful death lawsuit, a judge found him "legally responsible" and awarded the estate million; the ruling forces Gordon to pay all future earnings to the Brown estate, CNN reports.He contends that she did her “share of cheating” with “quite a few of the producers and artists” she worked with, and names one ex-lover, the late Tupac Shakur.Brown’s daughter from his relationship with Kim Ward, La Princia Brown, alleges in the book that she was in a car with Houston, Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon, Bobbi’s boyfriend at the time, when “things got real strange.” “They all started smoking pot together,” she recalled.She admitted she made habitual use of marijuana and crack and specified that Brown’s highs of choice were alcohol and marijuana laced with cocaine.By that point, the couple’s fights had entered a physical realm.