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12 Nov

Part II will deal with the physical characteristics of the samples studied: fiber type, weave pattern, the weight of the fabrics per square meter, and the thread count. THE FIRST STEP in preparing the samples for study was to cut a square piece of canvas from the fragment of cloth removed from the painting.

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I studied all of those samples that could be traced back to an authentic painting.

THE FRINGE WAS cut off the sample just before it was weighed.

The weight of the sample was multiplied in order to obtain the weight per square meter of the canvas.

THE THREE FIBER types found in this study of French painting canvases are hemp, linen or flax, and cotton, which were used through the centuries in that order.

Figures 1, 2 and 3 show this transition from the use of hemp to the use of linen and finally to the use of cotton.