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16 Sep

Hrm, I've been coming to Teenchat for, well, over four years, I've been in a lot of the rooms, Padded Cell, Roleplaying Rooms, Music rooms, and other Hangouts and I've met a lot of awesome people.

Thanks Dan, for making such an awesome Chat site, I salute you!

Who doesn't flip through Tinder and think, "Maybe…"?

You could tell him you want an open relationship or "a break," but almost every couple that has that chat ends up broken.

Or simply cut and paste this article in the bathroom, next to the sign: “Please put the toilet seat down when finished.

Signed, The Management.” The point is to get him to recognize that while you appear to be cyber-stalking him--and you are, but under the circumstances, who cares?

However, I was satisfied, so I think that I will go there again and again.

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