Problem updating to windows 8 1

07 Jan

The same error code may also appear if your computer cannot connect to the Windows Update servers.

You can try to make sure that Windows Update is enabled and make sure you're not connected to a network using a VPN connection.

When it is your turn to upgrade to Windows 10, you'll be notified.

In this case, you want to open the "Get Windows 10" app, click the hamburger menu button, click on Check your PC, and identify which driver or software isn't compatible.

However, many users have found a way around to force the free upgrade on their machines.

Nonetheless, after Windows Update completes downloading the necessary files, many users found themselves with the error 80240020.

According to Microsoft, error 0x800F0922 happens when there is not enough free space on the System Reserved partition.

To resolve the issue, you'll have to use a third-party software to increase the size of the System Reserved partition.