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21 Sep

The wife of one of the known pastors in Ghana, Osofo Maame has accidentally leaked her own video.

Mandy gathered that the pastor’s wife mistakenly shared the video into a public Whatsapp group she belongs to.

As to who she was actually sending the video to is not yet clear, probably, she could have been sending it to her husband, the pastor.

From the short video, the Ghanaian pastor’s wife could be seen playing with her vital parts in the video while she seductively danced, facing the camera.

Through it all, her baby was crying in the background but Osofo Maame was too consume with the flames of passion to attend to the child.definately that video was sent to her secret lover.

she lives with her husband so there no reason sendiong the video to the man she lives with because they are always together.

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