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18 Jun

They were looking lustfully at Diane and and you could clearly see the bulge in their croach as they stared on Diane's naked body.They started flirting with Diane saying she was so beautiful and asked her if she has a boy friend."OK boys if you swim go that way and I'll go this way, don't get near me because I'm taking off my tops." She said as she throw her bra to the ice box. Jake and Diane and their Dad thought before that they were the only ones who knew that area but those guy just knew that place too.They were overloaded with heavily tatoed big guys who looked scary to me and to Jake.

But three of them who boarded our boat seems to be so horny and refused to leave. Let's talk this out no need to fight" as she tried to push Jake away from the guys.

"No wonder you're skinny dude, if I have a girl friend like her I wouldn't be doing anything in a day but fuck her all the time".

Another guy on the boat shouted half jokingly "if this is my country I would have taken her already by hook or by crook" to the laughter of the rest.

Diane's body was really super hot in a 2 piece bikini.

She was stiring the wheels with Jake while I was seated at the bow looking at them.