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18 Aug

It is unclear whether the survivor pictured fleeing the wreckage is Ms Barham or Ms Milward.A video showing President Donald Trump's hair blowing in the wind at Joint Air Base Andrews has led plastic surgeons to speculate on whether he has had scalp reduction treatment.One flap of hair flipped over on the side of his head to expose an apparent bald spot in the footage - and what could be a scar (circled left).In 1990, Trump's ex-wife Ivana (right with Trump before the alleged surgery) claimed in a divorce deposition that the property mogul had been given scalp reduction surgery in 1989.This is not the first time the airline has done this.A female-only retreat in Costa Rica is offering women of color the chance of a break from white people.

Southwest Airlines canceled all 220 of their flights out of Chicago's Midway Airport on Sunday after running low on de-icing fluid for their planes.She retained her title from Sochi, surviving blustery and treacherous conditions at Phoenix Park on one of the most dangerous days in the sport's history.Shifting, bitter winds whipped tiny ice pellets across the iced-over jumps at the snow park and stiffened the orange-colored wind socks (top right) in one direction, then another. Connect online with hundreds even thousands of users now! Former President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama were joined by a who's who of their administration – and some Hollywood types too – for the official unveiling of their portraits at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery.