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12 Aug

“Because she has done the right thing, other children will now receive a measure of protection, and Mr.

Hooker will now be recognized for the predator he is,” Allred said.

She said she felt “unlovable and worthless.” In January 2012, detectives began to investigate Hooker after Tammie Powers, Jordan Powers’ mother, reported an inappropriate relationship between her daughter and him.

A month later, Hooker left his wife and three daughters and quit his job as a business teacher at Enochs High School to move in with Jordan Powers.

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Celebrity attorney Gloria Allred stood at her side.She told police she had a romantic relationship with Hooker the summer after she graduated from high school.A few weeks after the sexual encounter at his mother’s house near Turlock in August 1998, Hooker ended the relationship, Miller said.She testified that Hooker told her his wife had discovered an email that revealed the affair.Miller first learned of Hooker’s relationship with another high school student last year, when she spotted a link to a news story on a friend’s Facebook page.