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27 Jan

Between interims of brooding and playing with the children I took part in the diversions of the minute colony of congenial peo- g6 MARGARET SANGER pie.Charles Hawthorne had a school of painting, and Mary Heaton Vorse with her husband, Joseph O'Brien, were there; so also were Hutch Hapgood and Neith Boyce.

Then the old women recalled scenes from their early days on the whaling vessels.

Their mothers had brought them forth unaided, and their own sons, in turn, had been born on the ships and apprenticed to their husbands.

They fitted into life simply, but the younger Portuguese, who were taking over the fishing industry, were asking what they should do about limiting their families. I was still too close to humanity and wanted to be more alone, so we moved to the extreme end of town.

He had been put away on a shelf and, in my mind, had nothing to do with the everyday human problem. What I desired was merely a simple method of contraception for the poor.

The pursuit of my quest took me away from home a good deal. If they found me at my mending basket they all leaped about for joy, took hands and danced, shouting, "Mother's home, mother's home, mother's sewing." Sew- ing seemed to imply a measure of permanence.