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03 Feb

I’ve never taken this much time on myself.” When Lonnie Love asked her if she was dating, the singer said she hadn’t gone on a date in quite some time, opting instead to focus on her work and her family. I haven’t been out on a date in a year.” She continued, “I just like me right now. But what I didn’t get was Brandy all of a sudden saying that she never wants to get married. Jeannie Mai commended Brandy for taking a break and said women should definitely do so before getting married.I just like the way it feels being by myself and taking care of my daughter and doing my thing. Who hasn’t been fed up with the dating scene and just needed that break? That’s when Adrienne Bailon said, “But wait, she’s saying she doesn’t ever see marriage in the future.” Brandy’s response?Instead, you just open yourself up to what may come, politely decline what you don’t want, and focus your energy and happiness in doing the things you like.As cliche as it sounds, you really do attract some interesting things and people when you stop looking for them.

Why turn up your face at the idea of dating and look horrified at the concept of marriage all of a sudden?

I know women who hit their 30s and feel as though because they weren’t already in a serious relationship, there is no hope for them.

I’ve even had a friend say that after everything Brandy’s been through, it makes sense for her to want to give up on marriage.

At the end of the day, I just don’t want to see us shut out love because of what we’ve been through, or frown upon marriage because of what other people say it should be about.

I respect that she is taking this time for herself, and, after all she’s experienced in matters of the heart, it’s only right.