Expectations from dating

24 Jan

That’s why it’s so important to understand what’s realistic…and what’s not. At loveisrespect, we often chat with people who have unrealistic relationship expectations, and this can lead to a lot of struggle or even unhealthy behaviors.Today, we want to break down some unrealistic expectations about relationships that can make them unhealthy or even abusive from the start.WHEN (not if) that happens, it’s your responsibility, morally and legally, to respect your partner’s boundaries and their right to decide if, when and how to use their body sexually – just as they should respect your boundaries and bodily autonomy.Consent requires active, enthusiastic and ongoing communication about what is wanted, because everyone has different wants, needs and boundaries, and all of those things are subject to change at any time. If not, it may be a sign that you and your partner/s are not ready to have sex.

If a partner is isolating you from your friends, family, faith community, coworkers and even exes, that’s a big red flag for abuse.

Even when we do have that level of comfort, misunderstandings will happen in every relationship, regardless of how long the relationship has existed.

What determines whether those misunderstandings are healthy or unhealthy is how those conflicts are handled.

When and how you and your partner/s communicate and see each other should be a fair negotiation that is respectful all the way around.

Demanding that you conform to their preferred communication style – whether they require an in-person date once a week or a text every half-hour – is controlling and not respectful of your needs and boundaries.