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19 Jul

Murder rates in Chicago vary greatly depending on the neighborhood in question.Many neighborhoods on the South Side tend to be poorer, less educated, predominantly African American, and infested with street gangs.A shooter in Chicago's Garfield Park neighborhood on Chicago's West side opened fire on a group of people from a passing vehicle killing one and injuring 6 others.By the end of March, the murder rate in Chicago had soared 72% compared to the same time frame in 2015, leaving 345 people murdered.Chicago was responsible for nearly half of 2016's increase in homicides in the US, though national crime rates stayed near historic lows.Chicago saw a major rise in violent crime starting in the late 1960s.The population was 2,799,000 in 1999, so the reduction was slow, but still an improvement.In 2002, Chicago had fewer murders but a significantly higher murder rate than New York or Los Angeles.

In October 2015, Chicago was named "America's mass shooting capital", citing 18 occasions in 2015 in which 4 or more people were shot in a single incident.

10% of murders in 2011 were the result of an armed robbery and at least 60% were gang or gang narcotics altercations.

Over 40% of victims and 60% of offenders were between the ages of 17 and 25. 75.3% of victims and 70.5% of offenders were African American, 18.9% were Hispanic (20.3% of offenders), and whites were 5.6% of victims (3.5% of offenders).

Crime in Chicago has been tracked by the Chicago Police Department's Bureau of Records since the beginning of the 20th century.

The city's overall crime rate, especially the violent crime rate, is substantially higher than the US average.