Was meredith kercher dating rudy guede

17 Sep

In checking how much had been stolen, the man noticed that very few banknotes were missing and three credit cards; the next evening immediately after, going to the discotheque “Domus”, he thought he saw again the young man in question among the customers of the local.After some time, seeing GUEDE’s photo in the newspapers, TRAMONTANO had the impression that it was really him who had been the burglar.Someone entered the home through a window and started the fire on the 3rd floor by throwing a scarf over a lamp.The thief cooked a meal and tossed food all around the kitchen. A fireman commented to her: “Loro hanno gozzovigliato,” they feasted here.In addition to the points A, C and D they were also charged with “transporting the knife” (B) and “simulation of a crime” (the staged break in) (E).

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At the age of 6 he moved to Italy and settled with his father.If found guilty the defendant is granted a reduction of the sentence by one third, a “life” sentence is reduced to 30 years, “life isolation” is reduced to “life”. 422 comma 2 c.p.p.] Guede was charged with murder (A) aggravated by sexual assault (C) and theft of money, Meredith Kercher’s credit cards and mobile phones.(D) The hearings were presided by judge Paolo Micheli who also had to decide if there was enough against Knox and Sollecito to send them to their full trial.Guede’s well-connected local attorneys did an excellent job securing the most lenient sentence possible for his crime by convincing the court that he was merely an accomplice.How can we say with complete certainty that Rudy Guede murdered Meredith Kercher?