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06 Feb

When the Newman jet went down and Nicholas was thought to be dead, Victor pulled away from Nikki.Nick was found alive, but Nikki was driven into the arms of David Chow. Victor called in Nikki's loans on the Clear Springs Project just before it collapsed.Jealous of Victor's feelings for Ashley Abbott, Nikki had an affair with Ashley's brother Jack Abbott.Nikki was diagnosed with an incurable disease, which sent Victor back to her.Victor got a divorce from his bride, Diane Jenkins, so he could marry Nikki and let her die happy. Veronica went after Nikki in the stables, but Victor managed to save her and Veronica was killed when she fell on a pitchfork.Nikki stood by Victor as he was diagnosed with epilepsy.His three-year relationship to fiancé FKA Twigs recently came to an end, with sources citing "time issues" as the reason for the breakup.

series knew he was going to marry his girlfriend Brittany Gonzales the moment they met, saying, "I knew it the moment I saw her." They first met in 2016 and Lutz confirmed his engagement to the bride-to-be in an emotional post to Instagram.Nikki's hopes of remarrying Victor were dashed when he wed a blind farmer named Hope Adams, who gave birth to his son, Victor Adam Newman. Joshua's presumed-dead and unbalanced wife, Veronica Landers, came into the house pretending to be a maid named Sara.Nikki moved on to a romance with Brad Carlton, but it didn't work out. Veronica revealed herself to Joshua, and when he wasn't happy to see her she killed him and then shot Nikki.A storm had wrecked the ship that Victor and Walter Palin had chartered. She convinced Ashley that only she could reach Victor.Ashley flew to Paris and caught up with him and soon was able to give him the comfort he needed so badly.