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08 Sep

Wait for a second letter..should detail what they are looking for.

i think that they may have money owed and just pinned it on me as i was the last resident there at the time that they checked. x lisa x Past due sent a letter to oh at an old adress.was passed onto us. The second letter stated the amount and to whom the debt was, supposedly, from.I have sent them a copy of the tenent agreement ,for my current address , as proof i was not at the address at the given dates . It says i should pay the amount by 28th July ......i will not be paying a penny ,after speaking to lovely Claudine who was so rude, i dont see why i should keep trying to resolve this when i have enough written proof this is not my debt !!!!! You've put it in writing already which is good as then you have a copy of what you've sent/written.I have just received a letter from past due credit solutions with no information other than a case number and an 0844 number to call. COM - Non-Geographical Alternative Telephone Numbers a non 0844 number 01 for them which I can call free from my skype account.They were trying to find someone to link to a debt from a house I lived in, but I didn't live there at the time the debt was incurred, so they've confirmed that they have closed the 'case' and I have no link to that debt.