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11 Jul

There is no demand anymore for people to manually stuff a couple of hundred envelopes a day at home, when a machine can complete stuffing hundreds of thousands of envelopes in the same period.

It is just not viable to employ anybody to work from home packing envelopes by hand anymore.

The alarm bells should ring if an advert contains any or all of the following: Some envelope stuffing scams will take a two stage approach where the initial information is free.

Stuffing envelopes was once accepted as a genuine way to earn extra cash working from home.

Once you've sent off your 'investment', you'll either receive nothing or you'll be sent a letter which explains how you can earn money persuading other people to do just what you did i.e.

post advertising to get new victims to respond to your ads.

But since the 1950's and even earlier, bulk commercial mailing has become completely automated with sophisticated machinery able to print, fold and insert letters and mailshots into envelopes.

In 2018, nobody needs to employ people to work from home packing and posting envelopes - machinery is much quicker and cheaper.