Big bust dating

05 Mar

A 2008 study published in found a link between financial security and men’s breast size preference.The study found financially unstable men or those going through “resource security” have a preference for larger breasts while their financially well off counterparts had a tendency to like smaller breasts.This is why men unconsciously are on the prowl for a woman with the right chest-to-waist-to-hip ratio.Larry Young and Brian Alexander, authors of the book , have dissected the emotional, biological, and cultural reasons behind why men love breasts.In a 2013 study published in the journal , over 300 white men ages 18 to 68 were shown 3D models of women with a range of breast sizes.

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The two-part 2008 study published in found hungry men preferred larger breasts compared to satiated men.

Also, a large breast preference was associated with a “Playboy” image.

The amount of money he earns could dictate the size of breasts he prefers.

Every year, millions of dollars are spent on breast enhancements, from push-up bras to plastic surgery, to showcase this form of the female body.

But the cultural fascination with boobs, specifically for men, is deeply tied to our species' survival instinct.