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10 Apr

Muon tim nguoi ban gai .khong tu do tuong , hien va co cuoc song gian di .chung tinh . I’ll admit it, I’m a little old-fashioned when it comes to my dating style.

I open doors and like to go for drinks AND dinner on the first date. I’m looking for someone who is always up for life’s adventures but doesn’t mind staying in and watching a m…

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With over 4,000,000 profiles in Canada, we're sure you'll find someone you'll like.

Other sites can claim they have 30 million singles worldwide, but let's face it you're not going to travel across the country to meet someone.

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We also index and include Saskatchewan singles from Prince Albert, Moose Jaw, Swift Current, Regina and numerous smaller cities and towns within a 300km radius of Saskatoon.

This week, I asked Do Sask’s private group members if …

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The latest census says there are approximately 14.3 million singles in Canada, and according to sociologist Sarah Knudson, more and more are dating online — regardless of age.

"The biggest story in the past 15 years is that online dating is here and it's not just people in their twenties or thirties that are doing it.