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22 Jan

Stop with all your huffing & puffing and twitter-nerd rage and do something about it. But we don’t want all of that good stuff to be blown out of the water by what we hope will be Big News tomorrow in the Texas LOLsuit case.

So we are just going to repost one of our original articles in which we talk about why it was that ALL of the advertisers left Via View and why Bullyville and Cheaterville are now, and will forever always be, advertising wastelands.

In discussing why abusers abuse , it’s clear that a lot of the causal factors behind these behaviors are low percentage of abusers who truly do change their ways.

We have actual lives and stuff to do with ourselves and our families that do NOT involve Twitter.

In Mc Gibney’s / Via View’s LOLsuits, they have alleged that some mean guy done went and contacted all of their advertisers and made them all go away, and it has cost Mc Gibney and Via View nearly ,000 a month in lost advertising revenues.

The problem with this reasoning is that it fails to take into account that each one of Via View’s advertisers made their own completely independent decision as to whether or not to pull their ads.

Worth, Texas, against EVERYONE who has ever had anything negative to say about Mc Gibney or who has ever disagreed with Mc Gibney in a state court lawsuit styled .

In that LOLsuit filed in the 67th District Court of Tarrant County, Texas, Mc Gibney is represented by an attorney from Beaumont, Texas named John S. In a related development, James Mc Gibney (who we don’t like) has filed a second LOLsuit, this time in San Jose Federal Court, against the same people for the same things. Mc Gibney has also attempted to seek Temporary Restraining Orders for Workplace Violence in both Ventura County and in Santa Clara County over the same allegations.