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01 Feb

Using AWS Code Deploy has enabled Instacart’s developers to focus on their product and worry less about deployment operations.

» By using AWS services and analytic solutions available on the AWS Marketplace, Thrive Market deployed a highly scalable platform that helped the company go from zero to 0 million in revenues in 14 months while obtaining a 360-degree view of their customers.

At Corra you don't talk to a phone bank, you speak directly with us.

Some HR Departments prefer that we process their background checking orders for them. We process their orders, but we also provide them with access to our software so that every background check is available online in their secure database and subject to review at any time.

With Corra Group, you have your choice: automated employment screening or just let us take your background checking order.

Airbnb benefits from the scalability, agility and reliability provided by Amazon Web Services, including Amazon EC2, Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon S3, Amazon EMR, Amazon Cloud Front, Amazon Cloud Watch, and Amazon RDS.

» Instacart uses AWS Code Deploy to automate deployment operations for all of its front-end and back-end services.