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18 Mar

to make sure no one breaks in and steals the information you gave. so this will make sure good people are the only ones on dating activation codes for disability for dating sites mostly but for other dating sites too.and the internet opened up a whole new world now, you can date people in the same country as you or in the same town/city as you.the dating sites need to look into putting in safe guards thanks.Talk in a report about safe guards for dating sites for disability people.

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but on other sites too, there should be safe guards as well. there are sites on the internet for disability dating but there has to be safe guards in place at all times.that will be rule someone goes by is never give out any info you would not give out in the off line world , you wouldn't give out your personal info to a stranger on a street corner , then don't do it on the net . Nobody is perfect--yes, you might get in trouble when you own up to your bullying. Once I accidentally bumped into a teacher and to "teach me a lesson" a teacher's aid body-checked me and asked me how I liked it.and someone never uses credit cards , I dont trust themthis is my bullying story. I did apologize and said it was an accident when I bumped the teacher.Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.and all the members of the dating sites and even disability dating sites, need to update their personal info, if it changed every year.