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19 Oct

The flashbacks to Frank's past don't have the same effect as the script despite the eerily similar looking young actor, as they're more confusing than clarifying.

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“I understand another family lost their lives,” Latasha White said Friday in Clark County District Court. And if that second chance is getting life, that’s grateful to wake up to.” White spoke on the third day of the penalty phase for 27-year-old Bryan Clay, who faces the death penalty after he was convicted Tuesday of the rape and murder of Ignacia “Yadira” Martinez, 38, and her 10-year-old daughter, Karla, in April 2012.Brodie also had a 2-year-old daughter, who was taken from the scene and transported to a nearby hospital.She was not injured and the Department of Children and Families was with her at the hospital, according to police.It's the measured moments where he cracks that show the breadth of his performance as he breaks down the stereotype of a convict.Unfortunately, some characters don't work very well, such as kid actors Barry and Eleanor who don't have the conviction to make their scenes work.