Rules for pentecostal dating

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In case an expelled minister applies to be restored to membership in the Convention, he shall be received on the same basis as an applicant for license to preach. it shall be his duty further to prepare the quadrennial report for the delegate to the General Convention, on same blanks as used by local Secretaries. All officers of the General Convention shall be elected quadrennially, and shall be in the experience of the Pentecostal baptism of the Spirit at the time of their election. Do you believe in the imminent, personal, premillennial second coming of our Lord? Do this as oft as ye shall drink it, in remembrance of me.' Amen." 21 Here the minister may partake of the communion in both kinds himself, and deliver to the others around the table, the people still kneeling and repeating the Lord's prayer after the minister, after which a suitable song may be sung, and all Christians present, regardless of denomination, shall be invited to the altar to commemorate together the death of their blessed Savior. Will you attend divine services as opportunity affords, and contribute of your means for the spread of the full gospel? " The man shall answer: "I will." Then shall the minister say unto the woman: "N ----, wilt thou have this man to be thy wedded husband, to live together after God's ordinance in the holy estate of matrimony?

The General Superintendent and the Assistants shall have been members of some of the Annual Conventions for at least two years preceding their election. The officers of the General Convention shall constitute the Official Board, which shall be composed of the General Superintendent, one or more Assistant General 12 Superintendents, the General Secretary and Treasurer, and at least three General Trustees of church property. It shall be the duty of the General Superintendent to preside at the General Convention, to act as chairman of the Official Board, to ordain preachers and organize Conventions in new territory, sitting as chairman of such Conventions for the first two annual sessions, and to preach the Word, giving his influence, and as far as possible his entire time, to the spreading of Pentecostal holiness throughout his jurisdiction. It shall be the duty of the General Secretary and Treasurer to keep a faithful record of all the business proceedings of the General Convention, and an account of all monies received, including all collections for whatever cause, and for what cause the same was paid out. In the administration of the elements, the parties carrying the bread and giving to the participants may say: "The body of our Lord Jesus Christ, which was given for thee, to preserve thee unto everlasting life. "Will you endeavor to seek after all the fulness of God, till all His will and good pleasure are fulfilled in you? Wilt thou reverence him, love him, honor and keep him, in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all others, keep thee only unto him, so long as you both shall live?

Provided, nevertheless, that this shall apply only to applicants who have not had an opportunity to connect themselves with this church while in the homeland. Upon the reception of such candidates, the General Mission Board may assign them as members of such Annual Conventions as they may deem proper, provided there be no Convention organized in the field to which they belong. The General Mission Board shall receive and disburse all money forwarded to them, in harmony with their knowledge of the facts relative to the need of each field, except in case where donors (not members of this church) specify to which field they wish their contributions sent. Each local church shall organize a Missionary Society, and all its members will be expected to join and use their influence to build up and increase the membership of the society, and to increase its offerings for missions. The Secretary and Treasurer of each, local, society should forward regularly all mission money to the Treasurer of the General Mission Board. Preserve this house which we set apart to Thy service from injury and desecration.

7: 1), such as the use, growth, sale or handling of tobacco in every form, or of morphine, or intoxicants; filthiness of speech, foolish talking or jesting, or the use of slang language; to abstain from all appearance of evil (1 Thes. Also, to abstain from mentioning the faults of an absent person, and refuse to listen to those who do, except it be absolutely necessary for the glory of God, and the good of the cause and the person concerned. All our members are required to be patterns of frugality, diligence, faith and charity, taking up the cross daily, and true to the abiding baptism of the Holy Ghost. Also, to witness on all suitable occasions, even if it costs us our lives, to what the Lord has done for us, especially to sanctification, divine healing and the baptism with the Holy Ghost and fire. If any member of a local church shall be found by the Official Board to be guilty of violation of the General Rules, or out of harmony with the Basis of Union, after having been brought before the Board and made his defence, or upon refusal to do so, his name shall be erased from the roll of the church. The minister may read a lesson of his own selection from the Word, after which he shall address the congregation, saying: "Dearly Beloved: The last command of our risen Lord was to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every 22 creature, and His representative, the blessed Holy Spirit, throughout the Book of Acts enforced this command through the apostles in relation to all who believed in Christ; therefore it is our bounden duty as possessors of His grace to conform to this great commission, both in the preaching of the Word and the administration of the ordinance of baptism, as opportunity affords. Amen." When the grave is filled up, the benediction shall be pronounced: 26 The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all. He has graciously blessed them in the work, and enabled them to complete it in His name and for His glory.

(g) The receiving of ordained ministers coming from other Christian bodies. He shall also keep a register, in which shall be recorded the names and location of all the churches, the names and addresses of all ordained workers, together with the date of their reception and disposal. Will you faithfully and loyallv witness to all these experiences? We pray Thee that Thou wilt grant that we who receive these Thy creatures of bread and wine, emblems of His broken body and shed blood, in remembrance of His death and passion may be partakers of His nature by faith in His precious blood, who in the same night that He was betrayed took bread, and when He had given thanks, brake it and gave it to His disciples, saying, 'Take, eat; this is My body, which is given for you; do this in remembrance of Me. FORM 4 At the time appointed, the persons to be married standing together, the man on the right and the woman on the left, the minister shall say: "Dearly Beloved: We are here assembled in the sight of God, and in the presence of these witnesses, to join together this man and this woman in holy matrimony; into which holy estate these two persons now come to be joined; therefore, if any can show just cause why they may not be united together, let him now speak, or hereafter, forever, hold his peace." Addressing the couple, the minister shall say to the man: "M ----, wilt thou have this woman to be thy wedded wife, to live together after God's ordinance in the holy bonds of matrimony?

(h) The suspending from the ministry and the depriving of credentials persons who are inefficient or negligent of the duties assigned them. It shall be his duty also to prepare and have published the minutes of the Convention, including all the tables of reports from the local churches, the ministerial 11 register, and the report of the Missionary Board. Likewise after supper He took the cup, and when He had given thanks, He gave it to them, saying, 'Drink ye all of this: for this is My blood of the New Testament, which is shed for you, and for many, for the remission of sins. Wilt thou love her, comfort her, honor her, and keep her, in sickness and in health; and, 24 forsaking all others, keep thee only unto her, so long as you both shall live?

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